I really am as good
as everybody else



I really am as good as everybody else


Thank you for your site, your openness, your courage. I've been suffering under what you might call the anal dictatorship for longer than I care to acknowledge. I've tried it, and I don't like it. If I had the strength of character, I'd just accept that at face value and get on with things. But as you say, so many guys think it's weird.

As an example, I checked out a contact site that came recommended from several sources. The listings had some pre-set categories, most of which were innocuous: height, weight, age, and such like. Then came dick size and sexual position. Bill, I don't even know how big my dick is, and it would never occur to me to ask about somebody else's. And "sexual position" means, of course, top, bottom, or versatile, of which the latter means top and bottom, which is the narrowest notion of versatile I've ever heard. When I see things like that, I feel left out. The message I get is, "You don't belong."

So I appreciate your site, which reminds me that I really am as good as everybody else.

Yours truly, Bob

P.S. If you want to use my letter in your site, feel free, but only anonymously

Bill Weintraub

Re: I really am as good as everybody else


hey bob

thank you for your wonderful letter and for permission to post

you're absolutely right about the anal dictatorship and its manifestations in seemingly innocent questions about sexual position on a dating site

those cultural messages which equate gay with anal are all around us, and what they do is force everyone into a box -- a really shitty box

what's important for you to remember is that you are indeed as good as everybody else (i would say better), and i hope that reading the postings on the site and in Warriors Speak will empower you and help you insist on having sex the way you know is right for you

that's very important

men like myself and the cockster and don f and david mcq and scott and chuck tarver and the blacklotus and eros V and stockpeck and andrew64 will not let this issue go: we will continue to hammer away at the gay and nongay media and i have no doubt that over time we'll see a significant shift in the way men think about sex with other men

thank you again for your contribution

stay true to your dreams and remember



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