To the thieves among us



To the thieves among us


To those who read Bill's posts and give nothing you are stealing. Are some of you aware of how hard Bill works for us. If you don't care to donate get the hell off this site. We don't need you! Have you no shame for your omissions? Instead of standing in a circle jerk why not stand in a circle and pass the hat. If this site means no more than the price of a cup of coffee we have no use for you. You bet I'm angry. I'm an old man. I have little money and my years are few and there are many of you who are half my age and twice the means. Give nothing then don't expect the rest of us to carry the load. Be gone and good riddance.

Reply from:

Bill Weintraub

Re: To the thieves among us


Thank you Robert.

Guys, for ease of reading, I've put my reply into sections.

Guys, what this comes down to is a choice between Virtue and vice --

or, put differently and perhaps more precisely, being Virtuous -- or being vicious.


When I first started this work, in 1999, and in the various articles I published outside our own sites in the ensuing years:

my primary focus was on benign vs malign.

That is to say, that initially I was just trying to get across the idea that there was a form of m2m sex which was essentially benign, both in its health effects, and in its celebration of male-male sexuality.

That benign form of Man2Man is of course Frot.

And that there was another form of male-male which was intrinsically malign -- that is, destructive -- both in its health risks, and in its deletorious effects upon Men themselves.

That other form of course is anal penetration.

And I was saying to gay-identified males, Look, you don't have to endanger your lives in an inherently false, heterosexualized act, which deprives one partner of any and all genital pleasure, and which emperils both -- when there's another form of sex which is purely and authentically Male, mutually and directly genital for BOTH Men, and very low risk.

But even as I was trying to get that message out, I was seeing two things:

  1. That gay-identified males weren't even remotely interested in true Man2Man sex, but were instead being culturally compelled to risk and ruin their lives in an ersatz act of male-PSEUDO-female penetration which is extremely high risk for HIV and other STI, which is not mutually genital, which destroys Masculinity, and which is responsible for 600,000 deaths in the US alone;

  2. While in the meantime, other Frot guys were coming to the site and either posting or saying to me via email that -- this isn't just about health.

    Or even pleasure.

    That it's about Virtue.


And Heroism.

And Valour.

And Honor.

About doing what's right.

About being Virtuous -- about being a Man -- in the traditional sense of both words, which means -- Manly.

Being a Man is Manly.

Being Virtuous is Manly.

As is Heroic.

Heroic Homosex.

Heroic Man2Man.

Virtuous Virility.

Virtuous Man2Man.

Man2Man which is both Heroic and Virtuous, which is both flesh and spirit, which both ennobles and exalts.

That's what it's about:

And because of what those guys were saying, and in accord with what I'd long believed, I began looking at the roots of words like Virtue.

And I saw that the Latin word for Virtue -- Virtus -- derives from the Latin word for Man -- Vir.

And that the Greek word for Virtue -- Areté -- derives directly from ARES, the ancient Greek Warrior God:

So: I saw that for the Greeks, Ares -- God of Warrior Struggle and Strife, and Guardian of Warrior Spirit -- Ares is the ultimate source of Virtue.

While the Greek word for vice -- kakia -- derives from kake -- human waste, ordure, shit.

And that the Greeks said Men could lead lives that were either kalos and agathos-- noble and beautiful, virtuous and brave ; or kakos -- base and ugly, evil and cowardly, shitty and shameful.

That Areté, their word for Virtue, and which, again, derives directly from Ares, the God of War, is also directly related to Manhood and Manliness.

As is explained in Liddell and Scott's Ancient Greek Lexicon:

From the same root [ARES] comes areté [virtue, manly excellence] ...the first notion of goodness being that of manhood, bravery in war; cf. Lat. virtus.

And, Liddell and Scott re-inforce that point by saying that areté is

goodness, excellence, of any kind, esp. of manly qualities, manhood, valour, prowess, Hom., Hdt. (like Lat. vir-tus, from vir).


Manhood = Goodness.

Manhood = Virtue.

Virtuous Manhood: Achilles reclines over the corpse of his enemy Hektor.
Hektor killed Achilles' Lover Patroklos; Achilles has now killed Hektor.
Despite knowing that in so doing, he will hasten the end of his own life.
Plato: There is no sort of Areté more respected by the Gods than this which comes of Eros.
There is no sort of Virtue more respected by the Gods than this which comes of Manly Love.

And that's what you see in this painting: A picture of supreme Manly Virtue, motivated by Manly Love.

So: Virtue is about MANLY qualities -- Manhood itself, along with Valour and Warrior Prowess.

That's what Virtue, traditionally, has always meant -- Manliness.

It takes Man when he's at his most Manly -- that is, Fighting -- at War or in Sport -- when he's Aggressive and Combative -- and uses that as its standard :

"Manhood, Valour, Bravery in War, Fighting Prowess"

AND -- Warrior Altruism is also part of Manliness and thus of Virtue :

Having slain Hektor, Achilles has been slain in turn, as he knew he would be.
That was his choice: to leave Troy and live a long life; or to avenge his Lover Patroklos and die in battle.
Here, Ajax, after desperate struggle, has rescued the body of the fallen Achilles and returns it to the Greek camp.

Menelaos, too, after desperate struggle, rescued the body of the fallen Patroklos
and returned it to his "beloved companion," Achilles.

So -- what you can see in these pictures is a chain of Warriorhood.

Patroklos, in an Heroic effort to prevent the Greeks from being overwhelmed by the Trojans, is killed by Hektor.

Menelaos Heroically -- and Altruistically -- risks his own life to rescue Patroklos' body.

After Patroklos' funeral, Achilles, in an act of supreme Valour, sacrifices length of days that he might kill the man who killed his Lover.

When Achilles is killed in turn, Ajax risks his life -- again, Heroically and Altruistically -- to retain Achilles' body.

What you see in this story, this Iliad, this brilliant epic poem which launched Western Civilization, is a mix of Manhood, Valour, Martial Prowess, and Warrior Altruism.

With Manliness -- Manly Virtue -- at its heart.

And that Manliness centers on the mutual Love of Achilles and Patroklos:

There is no sort of Virtue, no sort of Valour, no sort of Excellence, more respected by the Gods than this which comes of Love.

So: Areté -- Manly Virtue -- Manhood, Valour, Martial Prowess -- is at once Combative, Aggressive, and Altruistic;

Again: Areté -- Manliness -- Manly Virtue -- is at once Combative, Aggressive, and Altruistic;

AND -- that same Areté, that same Manly Virtue, is in CONSTANT and ETERNAL conflict with vice -- kakia -- and shame -- in Greek, aischos.


Shame is important to the Greeks.

Shame is important.

If you do something unManly, you're supposed to feel ashamed.

Because if you don't, you'll keep doing it.

Which we can see clearly when we leave our Heroic past, and examine our ignoble present.

For, as you all know, the "gay" community has worked very hard -- and, it must be said, successfully -- to destroy "shame," to remove all vestiges of it from the "gay" psyche as thoroughly as a good surgeon would scrape for any vestiges of cancer.

That's why we're never allowed to criticize any aspect of "gay" "sex."

Because to do so, we're told, is "shaming gay sex," and that's forbidden.

You can't do it.

If you attempt to do it, you're shouted down, and if you try to shout back, you're expelled from the so-called community.

I was thinking about that the other day when yet another feckless Republican congressman was forced to resign for soliciting sex from a woman who wasn't his wife.

The story was reported on gawker dot com.

And as I was reading some of the typically brainless internet comments posted under the story, I saw a pattern emerge.

The congressman had voted against "gays"-in-the-military.

He represented a conservative district, and in so voting he was no doubt following the wishes of his constituents.

Which he's supposed to do.

He's supposed to listen to his constituents.

Not some vast "gay" lobby with millions of bucks, but his constituents.

But those who posted comments didn't care.

Particularly not those who identified as "gay."

What the gay-identified-male posters said was that he deserved to be punished, that is, to have his career and homelife annihilated, because in voting against "gays"-in-the-military he had, in effect, "SHAMED gay sex" -- the ultimate sin -- and thus he now deserved to be destroyed for attempting to cheat on his wife.

Even though the two issues are really quite separate.

"Gays"-in-the-military involves allowing "gay" "sex" -- anal penetration -- a perverse and destructive practice -- to take root at the heart of a bedrock American institution -- the US military.

The congressman was guilty of attempted infidelity -- a form of promiscuity.

Is the "gay" community in a position to throw stones about infidelity and promiscuity?


Once again, no community in America is as riddled with disease, and sexually-transmitted disease at that, as the "gay" community.

Had the congressman been caught soliciting "gay" "sex" -- that is, anal -- the situation would have been different.

He would have been guilty of Haggard-style hypocrisy.

He would have been saying -- it's okay for me to do anal -- but not our soldiers.

But that's not what happened.

He was caught trying to cheat on his wife.

Of course he shouldn't have done that, but it's a private concern, a concern between him and his wife.

And his vote on a question of public policy should be seen as an entirely different matter.

But of course it wasn't.

And the posted comments were very telling in that regard.

For what they were de facto demonstrating was that whereas before, you couldn't "shame gay sex" in the "gay" community; now -- that is, post-"gays"-in-the-military -- you'll be forbidden to "shame gay sex" -- anywhere in America.

And that being the case -- that SHAME will disappear.

That shame, like Love, will be an outmoded emotion.

And yet, what did Robert say in his post?

Have you no shame for your omissions?

It's a good question.

And if you don't have shame, if you no longer feel shame -- can you have Virtue?

You see, if you're on this site, chances are you're not "into anal."

Which is good.

And that you're into Frot.

Which is also good.


What your actions tell me is that even though you may not be into anal, you still think like an analist.

Like a buttqueen.

A shitfaery.

That like a shitfaery, you're shameless.


Shamelessness has become the dominant emotion in America.

For example, people on Wall Street are widely perceived as parasites and predators.

Yet in Awakened to Manliness, I wrote about the head of the "gay" marriage lobby in New Jersey, a gay-identified male who boasts that his husband was a vice-president at Goldman Sachs -- the biggest investment house on Wall Street -- and then started his own business, and that they're "comfortable."

There's a sort of shamelessness to that, isn't there?

Another article I saw recently talked about gay-identified male couples who obtain babies using high-priced surrogates -- Women, that is, who carry the infants -- not their own, but someone else's -- in their wombs.

After one such couple payed an American woman $140,000 to carry a child, they realized that they could get women in the third world for far less.

So now they've set up a business which markets Indian women -- or, more properly, their wombs -- to "gay"-male couples for $8000 a shot.

Another sort of shamelessness.

And then there are the people like yourselves -- the thieves among us -- who refuse to donate or in any other way help the Alliance --

while benefitting from our Alliance sites and our untiring Alliance efforts.

You're shameless.

Shameless in that particularly analist way.

The shamelessness of males with shit dripping from their mouths and off their dicks, their guts simultaneously impacted and leaking toxic gases and deadly liquids --

from having been repeatedly penetrated --

who know what the "complications" of anal penetration are --

who live in communities where HIV prevalence is 25% or higher --

communities riddled with disease --

but delight in "warning" their "fellow" "gay" males about the "dangers" of Frot.

And in slandering me.


Recently I stumbled on a site with such slanders.

And it was a stumble.

One of the slanderers had managed -- can you believe this? -- to incorporate the link to the NY Times obit of my late lover Brett Averill -- in his slander.


And then I saw that one of his fellow slanderers had said, sarcastically, "I didn't know that sex could be heroic."

And I thought, Indeed -- you don't know that -- and that's just the point.

To the analist, sex is something low, and mean -- ignoble and base and, above all, vicious.

That's the hallmark of anal and analism -- its viciousness.

Why is it so vicious?

In no small measure, because it rejects the heroic.

Yet sex between Men MUST be Heroic.

It must be Virtuous.

If and when it's not, it swiftly becomes vicious.

Virtue or vice.

That's your choice.

And that's something the world has long understood.

The nineteenth-century "homophile" rights campaigner John Addington Symonds, raised, like many Men of that era, in the classics, said that anal was "vicious."

And he was right.

Virtue or vice.

Vice is vicious.

Anal is vicious.

Vicious -- Vice.

Anal is linked inextricably to vice.

Not just among the Hebrews --

but constantly so in Greek thought.

When, in the Parable of Herakles at the Crossroads, Virtue criticizes Vice, Virtue says, "Thou dost rouse lust by many a trick, when there is no need, using men as women."

Anal is vice.

Anal is linked inextricably to vice.

Sokrates says that the life of the anally-receptive is terrible, shameful, and wretched.

Anal is linked to shame -- inextricably.

In the Aesop's Fable known as "Zeus and Shame," Zeus makes Shame live in the anus.

And Shame says, Okay, but if anyone enters there, I'm leaving.

And that's why, says the Fable, analists are SHAMELESS.

In Greek thought, anal is linked inextricably to vice and shamelessness.

Anal is vicious and shameless.

As it is in reality.

While Virtue is linked to Manliness.

As it is in reality.

That's what Virtue is.


From Achilles to Alexander, Virtue is Manliness.

And Manliness is Virtue.


the first notion of goodness is that of manhood, bravery in war; cf. Lat. virtus.

. . .

goodness, excellence, of any kind, esp. of manly qualities, manhood, valour, prowess, Hom., Hdt. (like Lat. vir-tus, from vir).

Manly qualities, says Liddell:

manhood, valour, prowess -- which is Fighting Ability.

In Awakened to Manhood, we said that Manliness is the ability and willingness to Fight.

That's what it is.

MANLINESS is the Ability and Willingness to FIGHT.

That's what Manliness is.

MANLINESS is the Ability and Willingness to FIGHT.

But you don't fight.

Instead, you lurk.

You hide.

You steal.

Recently someone wrote to me -- anonymously of course -- to claim that "anonymity has its uses."

No it doesn't.

Not in a free society.

It's like saying cowardice has its uses.

Or shitsex.

Or eating out assholes.

Or being fistfucked.

What shamelessly self-serving -- and self-revealing -- nonsense.


It's the absence of shame which is so telling.

And the viciousness which that absence makes possible.

So -- Robert's right.

Have you no shame for your omissions?

No, they -- the thieves among us -- do not.

They think they've achieved something by sitting on their hands.

They're wrong.

They've achieved nothing.

And earned nothing -- except our contempt.

I watch and I see -- I see when someone like financier and DNC treasurer Andrew Tobias "comes out" -- twenty years too late.

And our various "entertainers" and other "celebrities."

Who waited and waited and waited and waited --

thus safeguarding their lucrative careers --

until it was absolutely safe for them to publically announce -- I'm "gay."

They waited.

What rules their lives -- what did and still does -- is expedience.

"Gay" is in, so they're "out."

When "gay" was out -- they were "in" -- safely and securely in their closets.

What pathetic cowards.

What pathetically selfish -- and shameless -- cowards.

Anonymity has its uses.

Yes, if you're an assassin.

Yes, if you're a coward.

Yes, if you're some loathsome internet lurker.

But I'm not fooled.

I see what these people are.

And I must say, just as an aside, that those of you who put your fatuous faith in the "anonymity" of the internet -- are fools.

Fact is, you can't swing a cat, metaphorically speaking, on the net these days without hitting a site that's been hacked into.

Usually sites which have boasted of the tightest, the best and brightest, security.

It's just those boasts which attract hackers -- guys who thrive on challenge.

So -- you're fools to trust in the "anonymity" of the net.

Besides -- what are you afraid of?


At some point in your life, you're going to have to face your fear.

You will either face your fear --

or accept that you'll never, never, never be a Man.

Not ever.

You know, I learned something from my late lover Brett, who was a trained journalist and had developed his own tricks of the trade.

Brett would interview someone -- usually a politician -- and he'd just let the person talk.

Talk and talk and talk, as such people love doing, while Brett sat quietly, taking notes.

And the pol, seeing his every word recorded as though it were holy writ, would talk some more.

And then suddenly, at some seemingly innocuous point in the pol's seemingly endless blather, Brett would, in a small voice ask, "Why's that?"

And invariably the pol would make some truly stupendous and breathtakingly damning admission.

On the record.

And Brett would have it.

Of course you have to know when to ask -- "Why's that?"

And Brett did -- he did know.

I have a similar trick I use with those who write to me -- "anonymously."

And, you know, it never fails.

I learn what I want to know.

But but but they'll say -- you didn't learn my name.


And I have news for you darling.

I'm not interested in name.

That's obvious from my work.

I'm not interested in name -- be it celebrity or ordinary.

Name doesn't interest me.

I'm interested in character.


That's the one thing which interests me.

And that's the one thing you never fail to reveal.

"anonymity has its uses"

What anonymity does is confer a false sense of power, a power devoid of responsibility.

Power devoid of responsiblity -- that is, devoid of Virtue -- leads, said Plato, to a sort of monstrous Eros, a limitless lust for the sensual which destroys everything and all in its path.

Including those who are possessed by that lust.


Instead of standing in a circle jerk why not stand in a circle and pass the hat.

Good question.

Warrior NW wrote recently about how he'd stopped going to circle jerks because he'd realized that the males there were all analists -- femmy, promiscuous, buttboys.

And that their lack of Manliness -- their lack of Aggression -- was a turn-off.

As it would be for any Man.


I realized that I've lost interest in circle jerks.

I realized that what has always turned me on was the sensation of some kind of aggression from another dude while going cock2cock. So many of the guys at those circle jerks are not manly enough for me. AND a number of them are into anal and looking to pick someone up for it, even though it's strictly not allowed at an event. It becomes a total turn off. Some guys will ask you if you ever fuck. Butt fuckers are persistent. I always reject them in an instant.

For me, I get a hard cock when I tie-up with some guy who has biceps, pecs, and good trapezius muscles like a wrestler. And we start muscling each other around buck naked. THEN my cock gets excited. I just cannot get turned up by a thin, unmanly guy, ESPECIALLY if he acts femmy. It totally turns me off. I have thought that way since I was a very small boy. It's why wrestling around on the grass in grade school, or wrestling on the mats in high school or college always hardened up my cock.

I can't see it any other way.


Femmy is not attractive.

MEN are not attracted to femmy.

MEN are attracted to MASCULINITY.

MEN are attracted to MANLINESS.

And you won't find Manliness in a circle jerk.

That's not what being a MAN is about.


If this site means no more than the price of a cup of coffee we have no use for you. You bet I'm angry. I'm an old man. I have little money and my years are few and there are many of you who are half my age and twice the means.

I'm an old man too.

Old means that we won't be around forever -- that our years are few.

It also means that we've seen a lot -- and experienced a lot.

But when we go, that experience goes with us.

So you need to make use of our presence -- while we're still present.

I must say that when I was young I wasn't as stupid as you are.

I made a point of seeking out older people -- and older Men who Loved Men in particular -- that I might benefit from what they'd learned in life.

And I did.

You don't.

So you won't.

Give nothing then don't expect the rest of us to carry the load. Be gone and good riddance.

Yes -- Robert's right.

Be gone and good riddance.

You can come back if and when you decide to be a Man.

But how's that gonna happen?

Nothing in the society encourages you to be a Man.

Or to have Honor.

Or feel shame.

And that being the case, I don't understand why you just don't go out and buy a dildo.

That's something I think you'd spend money on, because it's tangible.

Get a dildo, and start loosening up your butthole.

Of course, doing that will destroy whatever tiny remnants of Manhood you might have left.

But why should you worry about doing that?

You don't use your Manhood.

You don't need it.

Along those lines, consider getting a sex change too.

You don't need your balls after all.

You never use them.

Get em lopped off.

Get some silicon "breasts" too.

Trannies are very in -- they're all the rage.

The women in the office will love you for it.

Hell, the whole country'll love you for it.

Remember what my foreign friend says:

The heterosexual society cares only for women. It sees men only as a problematic group that comes in the way of what is called women's rights.


As a "transwoman," you'll be celebrated as a trailblazer for all the guys who've been thinking about a sex change -- but haven't gone through with it yet.

Femmy, femmy, femmy is in, in, in.

Manly, Manly, Manly is out, out, out.

So why waste your time lurking on the MAN2MAN Alliance.

You don't want to be a Man.

And no one else wants you to be a Man.

Just go with the flow.

And go away.

If you won't be a MAN --

if you won't FIGHT --

Be gone and good riddance.

Some of you are no doubt concerned that if you Fight, you'll damage your brains.


You never use your brains.

Stupidity and cupidity are your two defining characteristics.

Far more so than any FIGHTER.

And that's what MEN are.


True MANLINESS is the ability and willingness to FIGHT.

MANLINESS is the ability and willingness to FIGHT.

Notice the word WILLINGNESS.

MANLINESS is the ability and willingness to FIGHT.

And that's what it's always been.

NOTHING will ever change that.





But not lurking, and not hiding, and not anal.

Those are all vicious -- stinking of vice.

Robert is angry and he's right to be so.

He's says you're thieves.

You are.

Have you no shame for your omissions?

No -- you don't.

But shame matters.

Your lack of shame is digging you into a hole.

Which you won't be able to get out of.

Instead of standing in a circle jerk why not stand in a circle and pass the hat.

Good question.

And why not?

Do you think some toad you meet in a circle jerk will ever be there for you?


He won't.

You don't need circle jerks.

You need Love.

The Alliance is about Love.


Is that what you want?

Then maybe you should be helping the Alliance.

Instead of helping everyone but the Alliance.

If this site means no more than the price of a cup of coffee we have no use for you.

That's right.

And though you may not understand this -- neither does Love.

Love -- in the form of another Man -- sees you for what you are.

He sees you for the essentially selfish and vicious being that you are.

And he walks away from you.

You bet I'm angry. I'm an old man. I have little money and my years are few and there are many of you who are half my age and twice the means.


Not only are you younger --

you have a LOT more than twice the means.

You don't want to part with it?

So be it.

Give nothing then don't expect the rest of us to carry the load. Be gone and good riddance.


Don't expect us to carry the load.

Don't expect us to do your work for you.

You're a thief.

And a whore.

Shameless and vicious.

In your stinginess and greed, your selfishness and cupidity, you're as shameless as any buttqueen.

And as vicious as any shitfaery.

Be gone --

and good riddance.

Thank you Robert.

You're a true Warrior.

Bill Weintraub

February 17, 2011

© All material Copyright 2011 by Bill Weintraub. All rights reserved.

The God Eros Unites
Herakles and Iolaos


I had intended to post this on Eros Day -- February 14.

The post was delayed.

Doesn't matter.

Eros Day -- which is Warrior Man Brian Hulme's inspired invention -- is February 14.

If we had a New Sparta, Eros Day would be a major holiday.

But we don't have a New Sparta -- and whose fault is that?


Instead we have Valentine's Day -- another excuse, or imperative, for wasteful and selfish spending in a nation whose population, by and large, can no longer afford either.

Were you alone on Eros Day?

Are you alone today?

I wasn't and I'm not.


Even though -- and once again I remind you -- I'm not young, not good-looking, and I don't have any money.

And while of course I was once young, I've never been good-looking and I've never had money.

Yet I've had two very handsome and very determined FIGHTERS as my life partners.


Because while I don't and have never had looks or money, I have my name -- BILL WEINTRAUB -- and the courage of my convictions.

I've never sent an anonymous letter -- or email -- in my life.

I can't imagine doing that.

If I write it I believe it and if I believe it I want my name attached to it.

Nor have I ever lurked.

What's the point?

Really and truly -- what's the point?

"lurking has its uses"?

No it doesn't.

You're either here or you're not.

So --

Cupidity and stupidity are what have defined you up to now.

And they've failed you.

You need to get smart and you need to get generous.

Because life as you're living it -- is not going your way.

And time is most definitely not on your side.

Once again I thank Robert Moseley.

A True Warrior.

Bill Weintraub

February 17, 2011

© All material Copyright 2011 by Bill Weintraub. All rights reserved.

Reply from:

Warrior Man Brian Hulme

Re: To the thieves among us


Hi Warrior Man Bill,

Can I say that all that Warrior Robert Moseley has to say and of course your reply is totally on the mark. Any one making use of the web site and not feeling their obligation to help out with a donation is taking without paying -- just like going in to a shop, looking round, taking what you want and going out without paying. Would you do that? No? Well pay up then!

May I also add one more thing, there are MEN out there who when they find The Man2Man Alliance will benefit from this and if the site goes down then they will lose that chance, and not only will you have been a thief but, having sucked the life out of those MEN, you can be counted as VAMPIRES.

Look at for example Warrior Omar, he knew and he paid a donation and continues to EVERY MONTH.

Want to be happy? then donate. Want a Man? then donate.

I have the first, and I am working on the second, and with him I would love to live in Nova Sparta.

With Warrior Love


Reply from:

Bill Weintraub

Re: To the thieves among us


Thank you Warrior Man Brian.

Warrior Brian says he would love to live in Nova Sparta with his Man.

That's what you should all want.

Because you'd be so much better off if you did.

Indeed, it's the only realistic chance for happiness -- you'll ever have.

Instead, minute by minute and day by day, you're losing your life to a crass, greedy, selfish, commercial and all-consuming society which doesn't give a rat's ass whether you live or die.

Let alone whether you Love.

And even guys who claim to be "into Frot" and your putative buddies -- aren't on your side.

In the last two days, I received three posts submitted to Frot Club which were blatantly racist.

Those posts will never appear on our site or in our Alliance.

And another two which were soliciting promiscuity.

They won't appear either.

BUT -- those guys are out there on other sites.

What they are -- are analists in Frot Man clothing.

That's what they are.

I traced one of their email addresses back to a little yahoo "frottage" group where one guy with the screen name "bawdy bear" said -- "Wipe my ass with your cock."

Another referred to Frot as a fetish.

While our would-be poster talked about how he'd like to take part in a group frot party.

And of course NO ONE said a word about the assplay, the mis-use of the word "fetish," and the group sex.

Can't do that, can we?

That would be "shaming gay sex."

And yet -- What have I said on the splash page of Frot Club for more than ten years?


The Man2Man Alliance does not endorse promiscuity.

These boards are here to help Men into Frot connect, but only you can determine whether they'll be used responsibly.

If Men into Frot become as promiscuous as males into anal have been, Frot will lose its innocence and joy and become yet another vector for STDs.

Don't let that happen.

Promiscuity is physically dangerous and, for most people, psychologically debilitating.

So go for quality, not quantity.

And use Frot Club to find your Heroic Friend.

And what are guys doing?

They're trying their damnedness, in a "community" riddled with STD, to be every bit as promiscuous and whorish as "males" into anal.

They're acting like harlots.

Well -- since they're doing that -- "Frot will lose its innocence and joy and become yet another vector for STDs."

And then I'll get whining letters saying "I got an STD."

No kidding.

It's what Gabriel Rotello said in Sexual Ecology: AIDS and the Destiny of Gay [sic] Men [sic]:

When you have aggregations of hundreds of thousands of males engaging in not just rampant but truly crazed promiscuity, you create ecological niches in which STI flourish.

That's inescapable.

So listen up:

I wash my hands of you.

There's NO way I can keep you healthy if you so stupidly and steadfastly ignore everything I say.

Is there?

Will Frot ever be as dangerous as anal?

In theory No.

The anus and rectum are anatomically and physiologically unique.

Uniquely dangerous.

But that doesn't mean you can't get sick other ways.

Very sick.

An organism like HIV doesn't care what happens to you.

Just like entities like Chase Manhattan Bank and Goldman Sachs don't care.

In all three cases you are, de facto, prey.

You're something to be predated upon, to be preyed on, eaten -- until there's nothing left.

And then the organism or entity moves on to the next victim.

And then the next.

So -- you choose:

Virtue or vice.

But if you choose vice -- and every time you DON'T donate, you choose vice --

Remember that vice is VICIOUS.

And ultimately that viciousness will get you.

It will kill you -- annihilate you.

The Alliance is all you've got -- not some yahoo group, not craig's list, not some thieving creature with a hole for a brain and a zero for a heart.

The Alliance is all you've got.

Only the Alliance cares whether you live or die.

Only the Alliance cares whether you lose -- or Love.

I often say -- you have only one sweet precious life.

And that's the truth.

No one knows whether there's an afterlife.

NO ONE knows.

But what we do know is that there was a time and a place when MEN LIVED AND LOVED AS MEN.

We KNOW that.

We have the writing, the painting, the sculpture.

We have it.

And it's unequivocal:

But hey -- just ignore that.

Your life is going great, right?

You had a FABULOUS Valentine's day -- didn't you?

Roses, chocolates, champagne, I'm sure.

Just like you imagined when you were a kid, right?

And then you and your Man went and wrestled and rubbed yourselves silly.


Didn't happen that way?

And then there's "gays" in the military and "gay" marriage.

And don't forget Lady Gaga.

Yep, you're doin' great.

Couldn't be better.

But, if you think, maybe, just maybe, it COULD be better --


Or kiss your one bitter -- and oh-so-vicious -- life -- good-bye.

Bill Weintraub

February 18, 2011

© All material Copyright 2011 by Bill Weintraub. All rights reserved.

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