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Frotonian Brotherhood - It's Our Identity


Hey Bill,

Thought you'd like the use of the word "Frotonian" - lol - When you think about it though it's a "way of life" or an "identity", not a "lifestyle" for us. The more I think about this, the more it reflects the feelings I've had since childhood about "being gay" and the opposite portrayal which "society" views of a less then masculine guy. I'm VERY MUCH A MASCULINE guy and abhor the use of the words, "bitch", "girlfriend" and others in talking to another man. They simply DO NOT in any way reflect who I am as a gay man or that of my community. I in fact find them offensive and COMMUNICATE that FEELING to whoever happens to be the poor bugger using them!

This is IMPORTANT work you've undertaken here my friend. It can be, and I'm sure has been, a literal "lifesaver" for many young guys coming out and older ones too. We just need to get the word out that buttfucking is NOT REQUIRED to be "truly" gay. The website and the MSN community are excellent vehicles for that. We, as gay masculine men, owe a debt of gratitude to you Bill for providing the forum to discover, discuss and affirm what we instinctively know to be gratifying sexually, but more importantly that you CAN BE GAY and still be a MAN.



Re: Frotonian Brotherhood - It's Our Identity

i like to identify as a "bullqueer" ,, yeah,,,, how bout that one.

Bill Weintraub


Re: Frotonian Brotherhood - It's Our Identity

wow -- two great posts from Warriors David and Ron

and thank u David for ur kind words about me

so what's important is that we don't in any way buy in to the idea that it's weird for guys to be into guys

cause it's not -- it's natural

that's the point -- men being sexual with men is a MASCULINE activity -- i think that's what David and Ron and so many others, like Don F, r saying, and i'm saying it too and of course that's the point of Heroes on this site -- to show guys warrior cultures where men who were into men were expected to and consequently did act like ... men -- and not mean-spirited little girls

that's important for all those men who have a masculine identity and are strugglin to have an m2m identity too

so i have a bias -- which many of us had at the beginning of Gay Lib -- i think most men -- including most "gay" men -- are bisexual, and that if we make conditions right for them -- as the Greeks and other warrior cultures did -- they'll be free to express their natural bisexuality

and all the little and not so little weirdnesses associated with being "gay" as well as "str8" will just melt away

and i'm not alone in that opinion -- guys like David Winnie Hayes and TAVA whom i quote in the Introductory Essay to the Greeks make the same argument

what' s important for people to understand is that among gay men effeminacy, like anal, is an arbitrary cultural overlay -- it's not inherent or intrinsic to the people who are expressing it

and we can see that very clearly with men into Frot -- our sexuality and our masculinity flow naturally from who we are -- not what the culture says we should be


David Alan Babler


Re: Frotonian Brotherhood - It's Our Identity

I think it's important to clarify though, not that I'm saying anyone has said otherwise. That just because our gay counterparts who do take it/give it up the ass, doesn't mean they are any less manly or less male then we are. It's just about what you like and who you are, as to whether or not you're manly. I also think that the stereotype of the weak gay man has dissolved (not totally) but a great deal over the past 5 years. I mean I've seen several stand up comics (str8 ones) saying stuff like "Man, working out is hard, I don't know how these gay guys do it ... you ever go to gold's gym ... boy were we wrong about calling gay guys wimps in high school, some of these guys have arms bigger then my waist etc. etc."

I'd also like to mention that it's unhealthy for us to think we are superior to gay men who are into anal sex, because we are not.; Just as we are not superior to heterosexuals, or lesbians. Only when groups of people get rid of this cultural/sub-cultural arrogance, will true peace and cooperation ever be possible for our species.



Re: Frotonian Brotherhood - It's Our Identity

You make a very interesting observation David B. Indeed, we do not consider ourselves superior to the mainstream gay culture, quite the opposite, we are the "odd men out". Take a look at Bill's document, Frot: The Next Sexual Revolution. In it Bill discusses the "meat" of the matter here. I agree with you David B, that what two men enjoy sexually is there business. I think it's important also though David B. to affirm our belief, my belief, that my exclusion of anal sex from my life, does not make me any less of a gay man. That's the important focus here. It's natural and normal for a gay man, for me, to want the intimacy, the sexual union with another man, that union which comes so naturally to all of us. I know for myself that my first adult sexual encounter with another man was highly erotic and did not involve the anus at all. In fact I had no inclination at the time or desire to have my partner penetrate me anally. It was simply not part of my natural desires. And that David is the point. When we were young men, we got erections at the sight or thought of another guy, wet dreams etc.. We satisfied our natural sexual drives through masturbation, rubbing, humping, jerking, whatever the case maybe. We did what felt good and what we instinctively knew to do. I don't know about you David B, but I did not have the desire at 12 to be anally penetrated. It's no different now David B. I know what I want and what I want to do with another man, at no time did I have a longing to have another man stick his penis in my anus, quite the opposite, I wanted and want his penis and balls on top of mine, I want him right on top of me, full body contact. I want to feel all of him, see him, kiss him, lick him, I want him to feel exactly what I am feeling. Now I grant you that that is what many gay men want, that's true and that's natural. I am simply saying that I am fully sexually satisfied by a man WITHOUT having to conform to a sexual role, a heterosexual role, in which I "play" the submissive role of the women being "penetrated". I don't think I'm alone here in my feelings about that.

But let me reiterate, We, I do not consider myself better, superior more noble because I don't partake in anal sex. I do affirm that what I enjoy sexually, and that of my partner, is FULLY satisfying and yes we do have to make that all important decision who is going to get on top of the other, we usually "wrestle" that one out easily. And the good thing about all of this is that I don't have to douche before sex either! No "Oh look what the little women has me buying for her today" said at the drugstore here David B.

Thanks for your comment though, I appreciate that.

Bill Weintraub


Re: Frotonian Brotherhood - It's Our Identity

It's good to see a vigorous discussion of these issues.

I'd like to respond specifically to David Allen Babler aka warrior borgdronestud.

What I have said repeatedly is that no sexual act can be divorced from its cultural context, which in our case is a homophobic / heterosexist culture (with an increasingly thick overlay of feminism) both at home and in most places abroad.

And that analism is an expression of the gay male need to mimic hetero sex through a penetrative act.

We can see this in the extremely widespread use of male-female surrogate language, such as "top-bottom" and "butch-femme," to describe the actors in anal.

It's common for oppressed minorities to ape the behavior of the majority, and difficult to defeat so long as that minority buys into the stereotypes the majority culture puts forth.

In this case, the most common stereotype is that men who have sex with men aren't "real" men, but are actually a species of pseudo-woman.

Thus men who are "anally receptive."

These men believe that because they're gay, and despite the high risk and absence of genital pleasure, they must play a "feminine" role during sex.

And it's clear that the "bottoms" experience themselves as feminized by being penetrated.

So I disagree with David Allen on this point: in my experience, the culture of anal penetration does indeed produce people who think of themselves as being, and whose behavior is, less masculine than that of non-anal gay men and nongay men, while tops are often found to exhibit a stereotypically exaggerated "manliness," a rather stilted machismo.

Thus, it's my argument that the dominant culture of anal penetration poses a serious psychological problem for gay men and gay male life, that it's the source of the bitchboy, bottompussy, mancunt, she-her-miss thing milieu that is so destructive among gay men, and that it's a principal cause of the drug abuse, alcoholism, attitude, compulsive promiscuity, and other dysphoric elements of gay male life.

And, as I've discussed in Heroes, feminization and its attendant problems are the reasons that, historically, warrior cultures world-wide have discouraged anal penetration and encouraged frot and JO.

David Allen is right to say that there have been some cultural shifts in the way gay men are perceived. Those shifts are inevitable, and one of the many ridiculous things about the buttfuck boyz is their insistence that their cultural dominance will last forever. It won't. Cultures change, and today's sacred truths are tomorrow's laughably old-fashioned canards.

However, where I strongly disagree with David Allen is on the question of superiority.

First of all, as everyone in the club knows, it's my position that there is a dominant culture of anal penetration, and that men into frottage constitute an oppressed minority within that culture.

Under the current analist hegemony, as Chuck Tarver and I can attest, it is impossible for men into frottage to deal as equals with men into anal.

Instead what happens is that our viewpoint is suppressed in the gay media, people like Tom Coates, chief architect of AIDS prevention programs in the US, refuse to meet with us, and we are effectively shut out of conferences on gay male sexuality, as just happened to me with a conference in North Carolina, which billed itself as "alternative" - barebacking and circuit parties were two of the hot topics there, but not frot, cause the organizers made it next to impossible for me to attend.

When people are oppressed, as we manifestly are, they have every right and indeed a responsibility to look very closely at the oppressor culture, which itself claims superiority, and to examine its claims.

That's what we've been doing in this club and in these Personal Stories posts, and what we've concluded is that anal penetration, far from being the superior way of m2m love-making that its proponents say it is, is rife with health and psychological problems.

Problems which Frot simply does not have.

In that sense, Frot without question IS superior to anal sex, and we should not hesitate to say so.

What has become clear to me over the last two years of doing this work, is that it's not possible, as David Allen and others would like us to do, to take a live and let live attitude towards anal. The dominant culture of anal penetration is too powerful, while at the same time its protectors are too defensive, for us to be constantly turning the other cheek, or saying that all we want is peace and cooperation.

As a strategy it simply doesn't work. In every major article I've published I've extended the hand of tolerance to the analists. Like proponents of any other majority culture, they're not interested. Their response has been to tell us, politely or less so, to go to hell.

So instead, what's necessary I believe is an aggressive campaign that debunks anal and the anal mystique, particularly the pervasive and culturally-sanctioned idea that penetration produces a more profound intimacy between men.

We need to say over and over again, as have David McQuarrie and Don F and about 70 others in their posts, that we don't need penetration for intimacy, and that on the contrary, for us, and for many men, it's a barrier to intimacy.

And we have every right and indeed a responsibility to say, as David McQuarrie and Don F and others have, that phallus-to-phallus is more masculine than phallus-to-anus, because it doesn't involve the feminization of one partner.

Instead, it celebrates the union of two males, a union accomplished through the genitalia that are uniquely male.

That's what this club is about - the unabashed, unapologetic, celebration of cock combat and phallic mating.

And its promotion as a healthy and masculine alternative to anal penetration.

Buttfuck culture has had its day - indeed, it's had more than 25 years of dictating the sexual choices of gay and bi men. Health-wise, it's been a disaster - it has cost us at least 500,000 dead in the US alone, with 110 new HIV infections every day, and with spiraling rates at this moment of hepatitis and syphilis.

And buttfuck culture has been acutely damaging psychologically - it has robbed gay men of their masculinity, and that's not a good thing. Masculinity is not, as some feminists would have you believe, a negative attribute. It's the ability to be effective in the world, and it's needed. As are men themselves.

Finally, the prevalence of anal penetration and the widespread perception that if it's gay it has to be anal, has discouraged bi and "str8-curious" men from experimenting with their homosexual feelings. That's very serious, because what it means is that the dominant culture of anal penetration has been a major roadblock to the bi-sexualization of ordinary men.

Instead, what we now have is a new group of hyphenated Americans: gay-men. And that's really dopey. Men are not gay or str8. Men are bisexual.

So it's time that anal sex was debunked and the dominant culture of anal penetration dethroned. That means revolution. And when you make a revolution you have to be able to present an alternative to the value system you are overthrowing.

That's what we're doing here.

We're saying there's an alternative to anal penetration. It's called Frot. And it's superior to anal. It's healthy, it's intimate, it's powerful, it's masculine, and it's ours.




Re: Frotonian Brotherhood - It's Our Identity

Thanks Bill for your comments and clarification on the "superiority" issue. I indeed DO AGREE WITH YOU WHOLEHEARTEDLY. As human beings we are all equal !

And my Frotonian brothers let's be clear and united in our war cry!


Bill Weintraub


Re: Frotonian Brotherhood - It's Our Identity


as human beings we are all equal -- to a degree

but not all sex acts are equal -- and there are consequences to our sexual actions as there are to any others

frot, cockrub, dick2dick, cock to cock, bone on bone -- whatever u choose to call it -- is safe, clean, equal, and masculine

anal penetration is not -- it's dangerous, it's dirty, it divides its practitioners into tops and bottoms, and it feminizes at least half of the gay male world

further, anal penetration is a learned behavior and acquired taste that depends for its dominance on peer pressure and pervasive cultural messages that deny the ugly realities of butt fucking

whereas frottage, as we've seen repeatedly in these Personal Stories posts, is an act that's discovered by individuals on their own in prepubesence and puberty, and for which, until very recently, there were no cultural supports whatsoever

that's why we're justified in characterizing frottage as "natural" and "primal" -- because it is

both in its inception and throughout our lives

no lubes no condoms no doctors no lawyers -- just skin on skin and bone on bone -- that's all we need

and -- and this is important -- frottage is not part of the drug culture -- because there's no pain

guys into anal use drugs to mask the pain of anal

and by so doing promote disease -- the pain is there to warn you that you're doing something your body doesn't like and that isn't good for you -- the drugs hide the pain -- giving pathogens a free ride

so there's no reason to tell people that anal is cool when it's not

further, the dominant culture of anal penetration isn't going to give way to pleas for tolerance

we've gone that route and it doesn't work

anal penetration -- not individuals into anal -- but anal itself must be attacked and debunked -- its mystique of union thru penetration has to be destroyed, and anal has to be shown for what it is -- a poor imitation of heterosex that's dangerous and psychologically debilitating

if we do that, we will strengthen ourselves, and we will help other gay, bi, and str8-curious men who don't want to do anal but think they don't have a choice

they do have a choice -- and it's stark -- between a type of sex that's dangerous and degrading, and another that's healthy and ennobling

and dudes only we can tell them that -- because we've lived it




Re: Frotonian Brotherhood - It's Our Identity

I'm not sure if this fits in with what's been said or not, but here goes. After I made the decision to be who I am and told my wife that she and I were living a lie because we were not sexually involved.....just "companions" for each other, I left her. A few months later, I moved in with another younger man who was going through the same thing as I. He decided to leave his wife after 5 yrs of marriage because he knew he was gay and wasn't happy in a heterosexual marriage. Anyway, a few months after moving in with him (we were roomies only...not sexually involved), a young man I was talking with wanted to meet my roommate. I worked out this meeting between them. My the way...was a "top" only (his words), and very masculine but also very closeted. The meeting went on and after the young man left our apartment, my roomie came into my bedroom all flushed but pleased. He told me that after some foreplay, etc, the young man asked if he could top my roomie. Mind you, my roomie was a "virgin" in that aspect. But he relented. Since that day, my roomie started showing signs of "effeminism" and has continued to "flame" so that now he is totally feminine acting....his mannerisms, his walk, the way he holds his cigarette, etc. I watched the transformation in him from the sidelines in amazement because this once very masculine man has now turned completely feminine. Now, whether the "butt-fucking" had anything to do with this I cannot say; only that the "re-birth" if you will, happened AFTER that act. I'm still amazed.



Re: Frotonian Brotherhood - It's Our Identity

Thanks for sharing that with us HairyBearKC, I'll call you "Bear" if you don't mind. That's a POWERFUL firsthand account Bear of the harmful and unnatural psychological changes that can take place in another man, when " HE chooses" to accept a "feminine role" to gain acceptance! What the fuck?

Wow Bear, that's just an awesome example for all of us. I've not seen that before myself firsthand, but it goes directly to what Bill has said many times about the powerful pressure the current "BUTT FUCK BOYZ" culture places on gay men. The "all important top/bottom" role or what I like to call the "feminization of our gay culture".


Your story is VERY RELEVANT and I appreciate reading it Bear. It helps me affirm and strengthen my belief in what a destructive practice BUTT FUCKING CAN BE !


Bear hugs ("") BEAR ("")


Bill Weintraub


Re: Frotonian Brotherhood - It's Our Identity

warrior hairybearKC's story is a good example of something we've all seen in gay male life -- guys gettin acculturated into a society that emphasizes effeminacy, and that tells them "you're not really gay if you don't get fucked."

those guys aren't born effeminate -- just as they're not born with an inherent desire or need for anal penetration -- both the effeminacy and the bottoming are learned behaviors that are culturally sanctioned by the dominant gay male subculture (notice that bear's roomie was talked into getting fucked -- and we all know the lines his seducer used, cause we've all heard them over and over again)

so neither effeminacy nor anal are inevitable -- as Warrior Sierra Mountain Man points out in his afterword to his powerful story The Bond:

When I used to go to the Castro Station Bar in San Francisco there was a young man who came into the community and started hanging out at the bar. He had a very masculine bearing, but I observed over a period of time, because of the people he elected to "hang out" with his behavior became more "gay," more "effeminate," more flamboyant. One night I found myself talking to him and unsolicited he began to relate to me how he did not like how he had begun to act. I was able to give him support to embark on a journey of finding his true self.

And that's what we're talking about here -- helpin guys find their true selves, helpin them to be what they want to be, not what some toxic tyranny ruled by buttfuck queens tells them to be

i know that many people have a hard time understanding the very basic idea that culture shapes behavior -- that actions which appear to be innate are actually arbitrary and imposed from without

but they are

and cultures shift -- one really dramatic example of that was Mark Bingham's heroic and selfless act and John McCain's response

25 years ago, when a gay man knocked a gun out of a potential assassin's hand, President Ford did very little publicly to thank him

but John McCain, decently, made a very public eulogy of an athletic, masculine, and openly gay man who was also incredibly brave

i hope that Mr. Bingham's courage and Senator McCain's response will be a watershed in not just the public perception of gays (as was Matt Shephard's murder), but in gay self-perception as well

if so, Mark Bingham's bravery will have helped weaken that still dominant effeminate gay male culture




Re: Frotonian Brotherhood - It's Our Identity

Hey Bill thanks for your note, here are my feelings.

In general, the FROT movement is bigger than we know, I hate using a label to explain, "identity" is one that is personal to me, it's part of me and is me! So no need to thank me for my minimal contribution, it's most definitely my pleasure, because it's WHO I AM. I am PROUD of WHO I AM as a MAN and as HOMOSEX MAN !!!!! And I'm PROUD of you too Bill for running with this cause, it's not an easy task I bet. But take note that you have touched many guys and have GIVEN an IDENTITY to those HOMOSEX men who COULD NOT identify with the mainstream culture. I know, because I'm one man you've touched, and I thank you for that !

I believe your passion for this cause, MASCULINE HOMOSEX, is one that you were destined for. You honor your "soul mate Brett" by your actions and words. I hope you know that others see that Bill, it's obvious to me.

Thanks again Bill !!!!!!!!!!



Re: Frotonian Brotherhood - It's Our Identity

In addition to affirming the above discussion, I wanted to add a few thoughts about bisexuality. I often feel disappointed and sad when I hear stories about men deciding they need to end an otherwise successful heterosexual marriage because they discover or acknowledge they are attracted to other men - as in HairyBear message 9 or the movie "Making Love" that came out in the early 1980s. Of course I'm in no position to judge whether or not the specific marriages involved were "otherwise successful" but it seems to me yet another case of people being forced to make false choices based on cultural assumptions that have artificially boxed them into a corner. Somehow on a deep gut level the notion of a happily married man with a normal family life sharing physical intimacy with a special male friend (or a few?) just doesn't seem to (necessarily) constitute infidelity. On an intellectual level I feel sure there are women out there who would agree and - as with so much of this stuff - suspect such things occur a lot more than most of us realize but I have no external means of validation. It was common for our ancient homosex heroes to be married. Often the motivation may have been nothing more than producing an heir. Women's status was often pretty low in those cultures and I am definitely no advocate of that. Nor do I believe women's subjugation/degradation is in any way, shape, or form necessary, or desirable, to acheive the kind of liberatory masculinity we seek. My first heterosexual experience was as part of a threeway with a man and a woman. On the other hand I've known women, and even had a couple girlfriends, for whom the prospect of male homosexuality provoked a hostility and insecurity more virulent than generally found among straight male homophobes. The question seems to be: what precisely are these people perceiving as constituting male homosexuality?



Re: Frotonian Brotherhood - It's Our Identity

I wanted to add to David Allen's post.

Clearly the goal is to let all men; str8, bi, gay (whatever) know the power and pleasures of cocktocock sex. Be they masculine, average, slightly fem or whatever. Put out information which informs men and shows them that there are others who share their desires and pleasures.

I share with Bill and others the frustration of having the media buttfuckdic thwart, undermine, dismiss our efforts at evry turn. Believe me I get truly angry and saddened at the fact that a safe sex outlook like ours is almost entirely blanked by our so called gay culture.

However, the ambience of this frotonian forum has always been welcoming and celebratory for the fact that constantly new cockrub warriors are finding a place to be themselves ... get a hard on for cocktocock and celebrate that.

We all know the world is made up of many and varied characters (thankfully), it is vital that we promote our cause stridently and unapologetically. But those we meet on the way, let's welcome them as cockrub warriors. See beyond their mannerisms and the manifestations of their assumed culture. Otherwise we may keep some warriors out in the cold ... thinking that even their own don't want to know them. I check this site every day. It has in a short time become vibrant and developed depth in a manner which is so positive and explosively encouraging. It's great to see this stuff being thrashed out.

Love and cockrub to all

Bill Weintraub


Re: Frotonian Brotherhood - It's Our Identity

we do not attack individuals on this site, unless, like Teddy Snyder, they put themselves forward as defenders of buttfuck culture

but we do attack culture and cultural values which are destructive to men who have sex with men

one of those values is effeminacy

and it's an articial value -- for the overwhelming majority of gay men who exhibit effeminate behavior, effeminacy, like anal, is a cultural overlay -- it has nothing to do with their core personality, and everything to do with a way they are culturally expected to behave because they are having sex with men rather than women

what's remarkable about mainstream gay male culture is that this effeminate behavior, which so very clearly buys into our own oppression and anti-gay stereotypes, is protected, in the name of "honor diversity," by the gay male leadership, virtually none of whom are themselves effeminate

it's bizarre -- Black people don't defend minstrel shows, and Jews don't praise nose jobs

but every time a "gay" man says "Miss Mary," we're supposed to howl with delight


cockster, there are a billion sites out there celebrating anal

this isn't one of them

there are a billion zillion sites celebrating drag and bottomcunts and nancy boys and girly guys

this isn't one of them

and there are a zillion billion zillion sites telling gay men that promiscuity is the greatest thing since sliced bread

it isn't, and this isn't one of those sites either

this site speaks to and for another constituency, a constituency of men who have sex with men which has been ignored and abused by the gay male leadership and its pals in the buttfuck dictatorship:

men who reject anal, men who are masculine, and men who seek and prize loyalty in their partners

as such the site is unique -- it provides a home for these men who are otherwise completely out in the cold, and it will continue to do so energetically and unapologetically

effeminacy is ugly and psychologically destructive

and it's unnecessary -- the reason i keep putting forward the Greeks is that Greek men involved in m2m eros weren't effeminate -- why? -- because their culture told them they were men, and that they were to be martial, masculine, and monogamous

so you get what the culture says you'll get

this site is about changing m2m culture

so it will not be codependent with an effeminate and promiscuous gay male culture

and it will never be party to protecting behavior that's destructive

phallic, masculine, heroic -- that's our vision and our truth, and that's what this site, that's what Cockrub Warriors, that's what Heroic Homosex, that's what The Man2Man Alliance are about

i know, because i get their emails, that that message is resonating with men all over the world -- because it's their vision and their truth too

at Cockrub Warriors and on Heroic Homosex we will continue to speak our truth clearly, energetically, and proudly




Re: Frotonian Brotherhood - It's Our Identity

I wanted to share with you the advice I got from a psychiatrist in 1962. I was suffereing from what is now known as panic disorder. At that time they did not call it that. It was assumed that some very deep psychological problem was the root of the discomfort. At that time there were no HMO's and health insurance was wonderful. I had the freedom to seek the best psychiatrist in town. Due to my great discomfort I spilled all the beans. I was only twenty years old and just wanted to get out of my misery. Fortunately the doctor was so good, that he told me my problem was not that I was a homosexual, but my problem was that I was not comfortable with sex, period. He said the object of our sexuality is irrelevant....the most important thing is to be comfortable with sex. As I went on in life I have found that to be absolutely true. Some of the best affairs I have had have been with men who were married to women or dated women, but were turned on by certain same sex partners.

I have never forgotten that. I only like men so I cannot identify totally, but I also really like men who are into women as well. I love the seduction.

I did real estate development and spent lots of time on construction sites and have had wonderful relationships with so called straight men. I found the one thing that captures them most is to be totally interested in them and their problems. They cannot resist the attention. I behaved like a courtesan but it always paid off.



03-29-2002 2:03pm

Re: Frotonian Brotherhood - It's Our Identity

wow is this a dream coming true?






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