Hip Control in Pankration


Naked Wrestler

Hip Control in Pankration


This classic sculpture shows how the Ancients understood hip control as a path to beating the opponent into submission from a "Control Position." It's a classic because the energy from the sculpture is ALIVE.

The top man is in control through the hips (outside grape vine). His manballs and cock are safe and against his opponent's body. He feels the energy from his balls and cock, as he is in control of the man (sometimes called The Ride).

And it is the set up of the strikes to his opponent's head (yes you have to hit the man to really fight him). He has him under control and in striking position. The top man can feel the victory through the totally naked contact of his sweaty man body, his man balls, his groin, and his fists.

Modern jocks playing "ball sports" call it "In The Zone." Ancients would probably not have used a term like that -- way too girly. "In The Zone" sounds too much like being in position to fuck. Fighting is NOT about fucking. Real men don't fuck each other; Real men compete against each other, because that is what all males are supposed to do.

I love this sculpture; always did.


Bill Weintraub

Re: Hip Control in Pankration


Guys --

As this series of pix from NW makes clear, the outside grapevine is still used in wrestling and is still very effective.

And it's used by some UFC fighters:

The point is that this sculpture

is accurate.

It had to be.

Because its audience was knowledgeable about and participated in ManFight.

Same deal with Statius.

When he says

Your present rage perhaps
Foretokens future love, a memory
To warm your hearts.

he has to be giving voice to a psychological truth which would resonate for his audience.

Otherwise they would have laughed at him.

They didn't.

He was popular and respected.

Bill Weintraub

© All material Copyright 2007 by Bill Weintraub. All rights reserved.

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