Men being Men


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Men being Men


Work for the man-on-man dominance...

Enjoy your manhood with another dude......

Then be buddies again...

This is called "Getting Your Hooks In" on the the man. We talked about this sort of thing before ... Think of it as a double OUTSIDE grape vine.

Your feet become like hooks behind his ankles and he can't get away. You have to be in a position -- such as this -- to be in control of the dude. From the position comes the control. From the control comes the dominance. Dominance is what real men seek out. It's normal.

And -- wrestling disciplines and teaches a young man that he has to do one thing first, to get to the next step if he wants to be successful -- if he wants to dominate in life. And he has to remember that process over and over and over. There is NO other way.

Once the "hooks" are "in", the top man kicks back his own legs, using the buttock muscles. You'll feel your cock and balls press against the bottom man's lower back. That sensation tells you you're in control and on your way to dominance and victory.

It's the same story in Nature, over and over and over. And it's driven by testosterone from those balls you feel pressed against the dude you're fighting. It's Nature; It's your nature as a Man. It's your nature as a man to want to dominate and it's your nature as a man to act out that urge for dominance.

This move and position from freestyle wrestling, collegiate wrestling, high school wrestling, folkstyle wrestling, whatever wrestling, is universal, safe, aggressive, effective, and it really feels good -- both to dominate the dude and to feel the Pleasure Of Aggression in your cock and balls.

(Of course we could NEVER talk about that in wrestling practice at school in the wrestling room. It was the times we lived in when I was in school; and you can't talk about it in the wrestling room/fight room now. But I now know that EVERY guy in the room thinks it and always HAS thought it --

It's like the first time you had to grab your wrestling room partner through the crotch, putting your hand behind his nut sack, and he did it to you--"10 times each side and switch off!!!" It's just a guy thing you do as a man in the mat room and you get used to doing the wrestler/man thing.)

Anyway-- from this double hook/ride position you can (depending on the rules of the fight you're in) choke the guy out, reach for the wrists for "wrist control" or just work for a half nelson before getting off to the side to drive him over onto his back for a pin. Lots of stuff can happen once you're in control.

The objective is ALWAYS the same: dominance through normal male aggression driven by your man balls.

Wrestling is very tough and very sweet.

Enjoy it...

The last 2 pics (including the pankration sculpture) show wrestlers using just one side; sometimes called "Getting One Hook In." The main point is that a wrestler has to be totally unafraid of making total body contact, including his cock and balls, to dominate his male opponent for control and dominance.

It's just one reason Ancient People -- especially Greeks fought and wrestled stark naked exposing the testicles and man cocks that made them fight and wrestle in the first place.

If the idea of man-man struggle for dominance doesn't get a man's cock hard, then that man is just not normal. That is reality.

Fighting and Aggression ARE normal ... The thought of that in your mind, making your cock get hard, is VERY normal ...

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