Wrestling Rides -- Get to know your man


Naked Wrestler

Wrestling Rides -- Get to know your man


This can give you a super hard-on in the practice room or in a match. You almost want to whisper to the dude how good his butt feels. If you freeball it in a singlet in this kind of mount, you get super hard knowing that your thickening hard cock is reminding the bottom man of your dominance. It's how wrestling dudes understand each other's quest for male-male dominance. A hard cock IS dominance...Wrestling is driven by your balls and your cock. Every guy knows it even if he can never admit to it...

Yes wrestling is fighting; it is also erotic. That's being a guy. Women can never feel the manpower of balls and penis against their opponent cause they don't have cocks and balls. That's life.

And Fighting is NOT about fucking. Real men don't fuck each other; Real men compete against each other, because that's what all males are supposed to do.


Naked Wrestler

Inside Grape Vine

Here is a pic of an "inside" grapevine. The top man has his leg laced through the center of the bottom man, hooking it TO the OUTSIDE. This kind of "inside" hook with the legs lets you control your man with just ONE hip, while putting you off to one side of the man, for more of a side control on him. You know you're there, in control position, when you feel you cock and balls against his butt. Your manhood feels good when it's in the control position. It's just a normal guy thing; it's mental AND physical. We have evolved that way.

If he gives you any fight and tries to get up on his feet, you can drive him forward by grabbing his ball sack and heaving him forward. IT WORKS. The crotch and hips are the center and main control point of any wrestler's body. It keeps you in control by keeping you in the dominant position, through the hips and crotch. You HAVE to be in position FIRST to be in CONTROL of your opponent. It doesn't work any other way.

Crotch lift is another name for it. And there are other names for the move. Wrestlers do it all the time. It's ALWAYS been an unwritten rule that it's an OK move. EVERY good, thorough wrestling coach teaches the move. As a guy and as a wrestler, you just deal with it. It's part of having balls.

(Now, with girls in the sport "wrestling with the boys," this type of move has become an issue. Like--what IS there to grab on to down there?)

In this sequence of pics the top man is pulling the bottom man over--by the crotch--to get him to his back. It's been done millions of times over by male wrestlers, and in a pankration fight it's a great way to get a guy face up, so you can hit his face with your fists. You don't REALLY want to damage his testicles cause you don't want him to hurt yours. That's a given.

(Wrestling is a respectful man2man fight between males in a group of males who want to leave the mat without any hatred for each other.)

Normals guys who wrestle know instinctively just how far to go with it, as you pull the dude over onto his back. No damage is done and the fight is cool.

2 dudes wrestling/fighting for dominance are reminded constantly of each other's maleness through the body contact, their own man-genitals, and their controlled aggression.

No better sport.

Millions of guys would totally deny most of that. But deep down they know it's true. It's why wrestling is THE oldest sport and it will ALWAYS be around. It is THE best all around man2man.

Naked Wrestler


In a match you do kind of get intimate with the guy.

You can hear him breathe.

You're cheek to cheek.

You'd never be that close to a guy in the mall.

Your sweat is dripping on to him.

Or one guy is bleeding on the other guy.

There's a really masculine feeling when you hit the guy in the face.

When you grow up and see yourself as a faggot and think you can't do that ...

and then the first time you hit somebody in the face -- you realize you're a MAN -- and wow that is so cool -- it's a flash of Manhood!

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Bill Weintraub

Re: Wrestling Rides -- Get to know your man


Thank you Naked Wrestler.

Guys, NW's insights into the relationship between aggression and sex are very important.

Particularly because in our society, no one wants to talk about them.

Pro athletes in general cannot talk about the homo-erotic aspect of their sport -- whatever it may be -- without being destroyed professionally.

While society on the whole remains deeply suspicious about and distrustful of male aggression and male aggressive energy.

Yet you can't have the male without aggression.

And you can't have sex without the male.

In balls and the man, Naked Wrestler aka NW said

Two men, driven by the testosterone from their testicles, seek out simple and ritualistic dominance of one man over the other. The fight is temporary and quick; the male2male bond from it is perpetual.

The beauty that nature and our Creator has built into the system is that men simultaneously show off their male genitals in that fight for dominance -- even while wearing the symbolic cover up of the wrestling singlet in our modern society.

You can't hold back nature; and you can't hold back your balls.

Testicles and the beautiful aggression they drive in us is what nature intended for us men. Deal with it and enjoy your manhood.

Manhood is back. Fighting is Man. Man is good.

Fighting is Good.

"Testicles and the beautiful aggression they drive in us is what nature intended for us men. Deal with it and enjoy your manhood."

NW is right.

"Deal with it and enjoy your manhood."


You're a MAN -- deal with it.

What I see these days is that too many gay-identified Men -- and a lot of straight-identified guys too -- want to run away from being Men.

From both the rights of being a man -- and the responsibilities of being a man.

That will never work.

Yet there are people out there trying to facilitate those evasions.

Right now some fraud is telling men into frottage that they're intermediate between gay and straight.

That's a lie.

It's just another dopey internet lie being put forth by someone with a dopey internet pseudonym.

When, way back in 1972, I came out -- that is, when I acknowledged to myself and the world that I wanted to be with other guys sexually and that I would no longer hide or be ashamed of that fact -- I resolved to FIGHT each and every lie told about MEN and about sex between MEN.

That's what I've spent my life doing -- under my own name -- Bill Weintraub -- not cowering in a closet -- telling the truth about Men and Masculinity.

And that's what I'm doing right now.

If someone tells you that you're intermediate between gay and straight -- he's a LIAR.

Here's the truth:

You're a MAN -- deal with it.

You're a MAN -- that's all you are and that's all you need to be.

You don't need to be more -- you don't need a qualifier in front of the word "man."

And you can NOT be less.

So stop adding layers of meaningless and divisive labels.

Men in the ancient world didn't divide themselves on the basis of what they did with their dicks.

What mattered to them was MASCULINITY.

They understood and recognized that Masculine Men could and would Love other Men.

As well as women.

Nor did they think that Men who were exclusively into other Men were strange.

But they did think that Men who were exclusively into women were strange.

We know that because Suetonius says so very directly about the Emperor Claudius.

He showed no interest in other males.

They thought that was strange.

To them, it was normal and natural for men to be attracted to other men.

And, it was normal and natural for men to LOVE other men.

They understood LOVE.

They understood LOVE between MEN.

And they understood that LOVE doesn't require a label.

Those of you who think it does need to LEARN from those MEN.

Because that's what they were.




Again, what mattered to them was MASCULINITY.

They understood that the big divider in this world is Masculine / Feminine.

And they liked their MEN -- MASCULINE.

That's what they looked for.

And they had a number of ways of indicating when a MAN was behaving like a MAN.

Words like Vir-ilis -- Manly.

And Vir-tus -- Valor.

That's what truly interested them: VIRTUS -- VALOR.

That's what they cared about in another MAN.

Was he BRAVE in the fight?

That's what they wanted to know.

Look at the word: VIR-TUS = Essence of MAN = VALOR.

My foreign friend: FIGHTING SPIRIT is the hallmark of MASCULINITY.

And that's what you need to concentrate on: Fighting Spirit.

You need to spend less time hanging out with bizarre and pathetic closet cases -- and more time reading ancient literature.

I mean it.

That's why I put ancient literature on this site.

In many posts you'll find direct quotes from Plutarch, Homer, Statius, Plato, Xenophon.

Great writers who wrote about great MEN.

Read ancient literature -- which will help liberate you -- watch UFC / MMA (mixed martial arts); and TRAIN in a martial art.

Many of you are young.

The longer you wait to begin the training -- the more you'll regret that you did.

So: You're a MAN.

You're not anything else.

We are the MAN2MAN Alliance.

We are MEN and that's what this is about.

If you think you're something other than a MAN -- if you have to have a label to justify your existence -- you shouldn't be here.

Because we're not the half-man 2 MAN Alliance.

Or the pseudo-man 2 MAN Alliance.

We're the MAN2MAN Alliance.

You're a MAN -- deal with it.

Bill Weintraub

© All material Copyright 2007 by Bill Weintraub. All rights reserved.

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