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Warriors Speak is our archive of the thousands of posts and emails I and other warriors have received over the past five years.

The sixty-five posts and replies indexed on our main Warriors Speak page date primarily from the first year of our existence, but include others as well which are particularly representative of the thinking of Frot men and of the Frot Movement and the way both have evolved over the years.

So it's *very important* that interested Frot men read all the posts indexed on the main Warriors Speak page.

But the archived posts found on *this* page are also important.

For taken together with the posts on our first Warriors Speak page, they constitute a complete "oral history" of Frot men and the Frot Movement at the end of the 20th and beginning of the 21st century.

In them, guys have shared with me and their fellow warriors their fantasies, their hopes,  and their true life stories.

These first person accounts are invaluable. There's simply nothing more compelling or more real.

These true life stories are the heart of our club and the heart of our movement. Posted here and in Personal Stories, there are now more than 3000 of them. I hope you'll read them all. I think you'll find them to be, as I have, awesomely empowering.

And I encourage you to tell your own story, and either send it to me for posting, or post it yourself in Personal Stories. What you have to say constitutes a unique oral history. Don't let it be lost. Write it down and put it out there for your brother warriors and fellow frot men to hear.

Please note:

The posts in Warriors Speak appeared originally on our club's Personal Stories message board; they're archived here essentially as they first appeared, with their original replies as well.

For convenience, the indexes of Warriors Speak are presented on six separate pages.

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Links to subsequent index pages can be found at the bottom of each page.


Why Warriors? Why do we refer to ourselves as warriors? A wide-ranging discussion among Warriors Terry, TR, Robert Loring, and myself.

Frot-Riding My Big Guy Cock Warrior Mike talks about the incessant pressure to do anal and the hot Frot Scot he loves.

my frot experience Warrior Jammerrammer's tale of hot dick2dick with a drifter named Robert.

That Universal Male Signal which, says Naked Wrestler, is the prelude to cock duels in the wild.

A cockrub warrior all the way Sir Python, Sir Robert, and Roman Hero discuss the manly joys of cock2cock.

never expressed feelings Warriors T, Marc, and Farmboy speak of their "never expressed feelings" towards other guys, and get support from Robert, Bill, and Patrick.

Warriors in "Lord of the Rings?" Male bonding in Lord of the Rings, Ali, DragonHeart, and Oscar Wilde -- finding archetypes at the movies.

freedom for ALL men, says Warrior FinnFann, to be sexual with other men is found in Frot, a true celebration of masculinity which neither emasculates nor threatens life.

anal sex nightmare and warning to others Warrior Jess describes how one mistake in adolescence left him literally scarred for life.

I Am Truly Fascinated and Enlightened, says this college student, but he still wants to keep his anal options open.

Why is that a bad idea?

Sex and Aggression "More and more I find I just don't like a guy if he doesn't have some ability to fight," says Naked Wrestler. Right. Which is why neither before, during, nor after sex, do we expect or want men to give up their masculinity.

Culture, Culture, Culture Nature or Nurture?

Anal penetration is NOT natural, so we know it's a learned behavior.

And what's learned can be unlearned.

Of Soldiers... Warrior Mike from the UK talks about caring for his mum in her last illness, and how his warrior identity helped him help her.

My GAY Identity Crisis Warrior Greg feels that the identification of gay with anal is too strong, and that it's time for him to find a new identity.

This is a wide-ranging discussion of an important issue.

The question is wrong Top, bottom, or versatile? Warriors Gary and Chaz talk about why that's the wrong question.

Analist Follies The analists foolishly attempt an attack; and are easily beaten back. Read this account of common buttboy strategems and how to respond.

Finally A Home "Male sex cock2cock is FANTASTIC," says Sir Robert, "and we DO NOT have to surrender our manhood as one does in anal." That's right, says Don: "Men experience sexual fulfillment in their genitals, not their butts."

I agree Warriors Mike and Tom agree: you can't get fucked and retain your masculinity; you can't fuck and retain your humanity.

On My Own Terms Warrior Delaware Brother, aka Chuck Tarver, declares that he'll have sex on his own terms or not at all. He's supported by Warriors Slurp, Greg, Gus Purcell, and Sensei Patrick.

Interaction between culture and the individual "When a minority expresses the repressed attitudes, beliefs, assumptions and prejudices of the dominant culture, it lives as a puppet to the collective, manipulated by the group dynamics in a cycle of self-fulfilling prophecy," says Warrior Slurp in this incisive look at contemporary gay male culture.

BiSexualComment "For me, to define bisexuality in terms of oral/anal penetration is reductionistic, diversionary, and even just plain wrong. I know that I for one - and I really don't think I'm that much of an oddity - seek masculine-to-masculine bonding, friendship, and yes love," says bi-warrior David Sprowls, with strong responses from Warriors Andrew, Sir Robert, and Mark.

Patrick and Bill "We respect masculinity, and femininity, and aggression. The gay establishment respects none of these, rathers it mocks them all, and in so doing turns life in the gay male subculture into a hell of anal promiscuity, STDs, drag, attitude, and bitchiness." Thoughts on men, women, and homosex from Bill, Patrick, and Warrior Mike in the UK.

Non-Homosexual Cock Fighting? If two ruff and tuff straight dudes dickfight, if they mix it up hot and heavy cock2cock, if they're pantin and moanin while they bang boners and ram rods to see who gets the girl -- is that a non-homosexual act?

Or are they actually as gay as geese?

Foundin Warrior Bill explains it all for ya.

Got it! A "top" realizes he's actually into Frot.

Hot and erect and fully male "It gives me such a good, manly feeling to know that there are other men who feel as I do, who express their sexuality with each other by frot and cock rubbin."

He was the brother I never had Martial memories of a military man.

Bugchasers A Rolling Stone feature on "bugchasers" -- guys who seek to get infected with HIV -- occasions a public outcry.

With commentary from myself and Luke Shelton, author of Beatific: "It makes me angry when I see sex treated by both gay and straight society as something worth so little that it becomes an issue of domination and control rather than an exaltation of our higher selves. This bug chasing is nothing more than courting death and it sickens me."

This entry in Warriors Speak should not be confused with my article Biological Imperative or Cultural Dictate? Bug-chasing, Barebacking, and the Safer-Sex Establishment, written in response to Rolling Stone's allegations.

'my' man to man awakening ..... Warrior Chris describes his 10-year Frot relationship, while Don remarks of his Frot buddy, "With mouths clamped together we'd even breathe the same air in and out of each others lungs while our prelube-moist tips glided over sensitive frenulums further enhanced by the sensation of our ball-bags nesting and rubbing together sensuously between our legs ... ejaculating in each other's semen was the symbolic mark of masculine oneness and male union."

Lockups, 60's Pro style "Both guys strattling each other, one on his back trying to bridge out while the guy on top grinds his belly, chest and sometimes basket into the other to win the test of strength, the guy on the bottom trying to muscle his way back to his feet, and sometimes slamming his basket up into his competition."

cock2cock - keep saying it We've gotta keep spreadin the word, says Mart Finn aka the cockster -- there's too much censorship of safe hot cock2cock!

wrestling and rubbing Why does it feel SO GOOD to go cock2cock and dick2dick? Maybe because you're a man.

The NY Times discovers anal cancer Our first report on the prevalence of anal HPV, which causes anal cancer, among gay men, appeared on 3-6-2002 -- titled simply anal cancer.

Eleven months later, the NY Times discovered the story.

It's one which we continue to cover.

Good Question Why would a man do that to another man he loved?

Ennobling or Ennervating? Because of homophobia, says warrior Luke Shelton, "Gay and straight men are allowed to expose themselves to an act that does not ennoble them but rather enervates them."

With a powerful response from Don Frazer.

My first frot experience Was wrestling with a buddy

The Game Straight guys and crotch grabbing

wrestling and cock2cock A straight kid in Hong Kong discovers his cock2cock desires, and concludes, "I really think that those who meet not only because of cock to cock or wrestling or whatever, but can be forever friends, and share life experience and support each other. In fact, that should be the ultimate goal, cock contacts is a way to sublime and enhance that."

Nude Combat A very important series of posts from Jedi, Robert Loring, and myself.

Ancient Greek reincarnate Are we all Hoplites under the skin?

Blacks Against Anal Penetration -- The Adodi Experience Communications expert Chuck Tarver points to useful lessons in the online debate between "Blacks Against Anal Penetration" and the analists of Adodi, another Black group.

An important post for anyone involved in the Frot v anal debate.

Isolated Christianity, Homosexuality, and Frot.

Men before Freud Eric Lupin points to an exhibit of male bonding in the 19th century.

If they can do it in Uganda, why can't we do it here? Our first report on the success of Uganda's ABC program, and the work of Harvard medical anthropologist Dr. Edward C. Green, who brought the story before a dubious AIDS Inc.

More from Uganda In this follow-up report, we look at an extensive article with quotes from leading epidemiologists about what went right in Uganda, and then consider how those lessons might be applied to the gay and bi male communities.

This is important reading:

Because safe promiscuity is an oxymoron.

And because psychologically and spiritually, Fidelity is the better way to go.

For far too long the gay male subculture has been defined by anal, promiscuity, and kink.

That's been a disaster for health, for morality, for happiness.

It's created a community riddled with disease, in which bug-chasers pursue gift-givers and men hop from one partner to the next, at once deserted and deserting.

We know a better way, our warrior way, a way that's martial, masculine, and monogamous, a way which embraces phallus and fidelity.

Penis, Energy, and Phallic Bonding. In a few well-chosen words, Warrior David expresses the essence of Heroic Homosex.

anal unsatisfying... "The only times I feel like I am bonding with, and loving a man, are when I am having face2face sex i.e. "frot."

Gay culture, life, and coming out as a teenager A disaffected teen expresses unhappiness with buttboy culture, but says he'd try being a bottom and occasionally calls other gay men "bitch."

An example of a young man caught in the analist acculturation process.

First Love is expressed in "the mutual instinct toward genital communion"; because "guys together, dick to dick is as hot as it gets."

Your Safer-Sex Establishment at Work Pt III: Syphilis at the White Party With syphilis on the rise, "safer sex educators" attempt a novel solution: more condoms and more lube.

ABC in the Philippines Why is HIV prevalence so low in a country which rejects condoms? Could it be because of abstinence, fidelity, and the avoidance of anal?

the hardest and biggest i'd ever been A straight-identified dude gets VERY HARD for bone on bone.

finally, a viewpoint i can relate to "The notion of man2man intimacy being a healthy component of masculinity really resonates with me," says this bi guy, who feels empowered by our site to speak out.

SARS virus found in feces "Love me, love my shit," say the analists. In the meantime, the deadly SARS virus is found in human waste. What's a shitfairy to do?

Anal + Meth = Death Part VI in our ongoing series, "Your Safer-Sex Establishment at Work," this entry chronicles the efforts of the feckless Dr. Colfax to battle a deadly drug.

Gettin HIV from the one you love Even in a monogamous relationship, anal is not safe.

Frot Wrestle A guy who loves to wrestle and rub still feels confused about his sexuality. Why? asks Don F -- this is a "form of sexual expression that is both honestly and strongly male-identified -- Frot leaves GUYS feeling like GUYS together."

Complete opposites Warrior Boomer's compelling autobiographical statement about growing up gay and into Frot in the hood.

Natural Lovemaking KonaBoy and the Cockster on the natural way for men to make love. Includes a hot excerpt from one of Mart's very hot stories.

Still sparring Two Frot men and boxers -- one pro, the other amateur -- talk about the erotism of the ring.

Grecian love A warrior collegian talks about the intense love he feels for another.

Sodomy Repeal What does the 2003 repeal of the sodomy laws mean for Men who Love Men?

Not All Gay Men Are Sodomites This letter appeared in GayToday to note the overturn of the sodomy laws.

The Supremes & What it Means Another Warrior's take on the overturn of the sodomy laws.

Bisexual Clitrub Warriors Straight guys -- and girls -- into cockrub and clitrub.

Cocking together A married man speaks of his cockbonding needs: "The contact that i have had has been unbelievably fulfilling - this orgasmic/cock connection with another guy is electric and awesome - deeply, deeply satisfying union with another naked man blending cocks and orgasm - keep wondering why it was so important to deny this connection - how vital it is, how natural it is - and how much more functional it can make me feel in the rest of my life."

A Very Intelligent and Wise Site Seven warriors discuss the meaning of M2M and its distortion by what Don Frazer terms "the analist M to substitute F."

Says Don of Frot: "It is precisely that beautiful teen instinctive behavior that makes M2M so fully natural that we are advocating here and something that has been perverted by the analist sub-culture."

Darren: "Frot and Wrestling are the driving force behind the true sexual me."

ATTACK OF THE MUTANTS, or their heads in the sand and their butts in the air chronicles the rise of resistant strains of HIV and the role of the ASOs in perpetuating anal and promiscuity.

Masturbating Lowers Prostate Cancer Risk according to a recent study, which confirms yet again that mutual masturbation is healthy; anal penetration is not.

THRILLA IN MANILA Three Filipino warriors reflect on their nation's warrior past and analist present.

The question: what will the future hold for this noble nation?

AIDS Cases on the Rise in United States as the "safer sex" programs put forth at great expense by the AIDS Service Organizations fail.

Harvey Fierstein's Trope "Certain behaviors," says Harvey; "You need to be compliant in certain behaviors," Harvey says, to get infected with HIV.

"Certain behaviors" is Harvey's trope -- his little figure of speech.

It's not "certain behaviors" Harvey.

It's anal penetration.

Date Rape "You need to be clear: if someone you're dating insists on fucking you even though you've told him you don't want to fuck, that's date rape."

The price of maintaining the anal-sex norm is extremely high, up to and including life itself.

A powerful analysis by communications expert Chuck Tarver.

Ex-gay ministries -- a letter from Chuck Tarver Orientation or lifestyle?

Fireplace Frot Hot cock2cock fun in front of an open fire.

I am finally home A bi married man2man guy finds his place with us.

Lonely this weekend? Are you lonely this weekend? The Alliance knows the solution.

Wrestling in the Dark A hot true-life story of first wrestle first frot.

INITIATION Warrior Sutton's hot autobiographical account of his first cock2cock love.

Pure love and passion A young man discovers Frot.

Brother to Brother An exploration of brotherly love, with a great Robert Loring postscript:

I personally think that it would do all men well to go back and recapture that sense of naturalness, wonder, and imagination that we had as boys.

Sadly, we live in a society that is overflowing with conditioning and in one that has taken RIGHT and made it WRONG and visa versa. Cockrub is a natural male activity and falling in love with another man while being equals has, historically, never been wrong.

Now I Get It! Says IndyDude, "I've grown more and more reviled by the focus of my friends on fucking. and while I've never shared this with them, it pains me to see them play out this male/female definition of intimacy."

the first time While mixin it up on the warm sands of an aussie beach, two rugged rugby players unexpectedly discover the m2m joys of cock2cock -- and like their big aussie dicks, they're hooked.

No Fancy Lubes No fancy lubes needed when doing Frot -- but that won't stop some internet charlatans from trying to sell you some.

Caveat Frotor is the moral of this post.

Anal and Identity What is the relationship between gay and anal?

saturday afternoons 4pm was when world of sport wrestling was on.

I asked a friend if he would box with me A memory of youth.

True Man2Man Love: A Warrior Credo A powerful statement of the strength of warrior love. Includes a brilliant and stirring Robert Loring reply.

Those are our posts. I hope you'll read all of them. And I hope you'll contribute to them. You'll be stronger for it, and I know you'll be proud, just as I am, to be a Frot Man and Cockrub Warrior.



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